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Everyone Deserves A Bit of Magic

What!? How'd he do that!? You have to love when a magic trick is taken beyond flashy showbiz and back to its roots. Deejay knows how to smash the skeptics and deliver a moment that will make a crowd's jaw drop. Prepare to have your mind read, then have it blown away when Deejay delivers his performance.

Deejay's List of corporate clients include: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Boyd & Moore Executive Search, Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance, Servcorp, Chez Vous, Yomiko Advertising and many more.

A magician based in Tokyo, Deejay is also a magician member of the world famous Magic Castle who knows what makes kids' dreams come true, bring laughter to the elderly, and astonish everyone in between.

As a talented and captivating showman whose performances have wowed audiences in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, The U.S., and Africa, he is truly blessed with the ability to speak in English, Japanese, Indonesian and Chinese, combined with his sense of humor he has been able to entertain any audience from different backgrounds and cultures with a wide variety of shows.

“Every company party should have DeeJay. We asked him to join our end of year bash, and rather than get him to do a stage show, we had him do his magic while mingling with the crowd. David's a very sociable guy with a great sense of humour; even better, you don't even know he's there to perform until he starts pulling handkerchiefs out of your ear. We'll have him back next year. E

- Jon B. Underland, Boyd & Moore Executive Search